What supplies do you use and where can I buy them?

I get my supplies from many sources and oftentimes when I create a single pendant or necklace it can never be replicated because of the unique components. However, in many cases, I source supplies from other Etsy sellers, craft shops, vintage shops and flea markets. For more detail, visit my post at Beyond The Junkpile: Top 10 Ways to Get Good Junk & Supplies.

How do you make your jewelry?

I use recycled, upcycled (meaning used, but not about to be thrown away) and new material, bonded when necessary with what are called "cold connections". This means I do not use a soldering iron or do any form of welding. Instead I use professional strength glue and/or wire-wrapping and threading. I also don't cast anything myself. I do use a variety of filing tools, a drill, a saw, snips, and pliers.

How do I care for my necklace / ring / earrings / brooch?

Handmade items are delicate. Jewelry is delicate. So handmade jewelry is doubly so. If you love the piece you chose to bring home, please care for it with the gentle attention you would do any other valued accessory. This means, no showers, purse straps, exposure to velcro, overnight wear, contact sports, swimming, or hot tubs. Yes, these are all incidents that were specifically reported by customers requesting a repair :)