Lunar Lore

This month's theme, Lunar Lore, was close to my heart and as I've said in previous posts, not just a trend for me. Although I love the triple moon symbol, I've done my best to include other moon variations. While I decided against doing more moon phase pendants this time, I haven't ruled out doing more of those down the road. If you've seen me make a moon design that didn't appear this month, drop me a line and make a request. Or just wait awhile. I'm not done with moon imagery (not by a long shot!) and even though I have many other themes in the pipeline, you'll definitely see more moon pieces in the coming months.

And speaking of themes, I will be spreading out my themed updates between this August and next summer. Much like last year, 2019 has been extremely educational so far. I got swept up in the excitement of watching Insta-famous designers drop collections that would all get snapped up right away. And I bubbled over with ideas for organizing my own style into recognizable themes. But in my case, I think I put the cart before the horse, switching to large monthly updates before having rebuilt my Etsy and social media traffic back up to where I was at my shop's peak around 2010.

To keep plugging away at my shop's SEO content and conversion rate, I'll be adding small pieces more frequently. You'll see easy to buy and wear items like birthstone and initial stacking rings. I'm hoping to do star sign and rune stackers too. All incorporating sterling silver when and where I'm able.

If you've been following me this year, you know that my maker journey has been a long and winding path. I started with cold-connection upcycling (back when I only dreamed of holding a torch) and then I dropped my tools to go back to novel-writing several times, all while welcoming children into my life.

I'm at a point now where I'd like my Etsy shop to be as busy as I can comfortably manage alongside my copywriting and mom-ing commitments. So more than ever, I'd love to hear your feedback, ideas, critiques, and ruminations.