Ostera Offerings

This month realized an important goal for me, personally and professionally. You can't see as clearly as I'd like in the group shot, but if you look closely at the three large statement pendants, you'll see Nordic runes around the edges. They're Elder Futhark runes specifically.

Since 2003, I've been wearing a silver ring that reads "HEALTH AND HAPPINESS" in runes on the outside of the band. I bought it while visiting family in Edinburgh and it has special meaning for me. I want to offer that symbolic feeling to my own customers now too.

If you're already familiar with the world of runes, these characters need no introduction. I've been fascinated by them for literally decades now, so it didn't take me long into my metalsmithing journey to look for a way to add them to my work.

I was hesitant at first, not just because the stamps were expensive (thank you to Mr. Storyteller for making them a Christmas present!) but because my stamping skills are still 'in development' and I didn't want to waste metal. I'm glad I took the plunge, because not only have I created a system of  using stamps that works for me, I can finally add rune messages to a select few special pendants, rings, and cuffs for future monthly themes.


On a related note, I have a small confession to make about this month's images - the sapphires specifically. If you follow my work here on my website, Etsy, Instagram, or Facebook, you might have noticed that I've developed a habit of making graphics out of stones I plan to use in upcoming work. Some of them turn out better than others, but I've been having fun with these photo/quote combos, so I'll probably keep doing them. This month, however, I fudged it a bit.

The silvery-grey-blue sapphire on the left in the pic above got bumped to my May theme (mostly because I have another grey sapphire the exact same shade and those stones are sisters now) but also because I wanted to use another blue one this month. I hope nobody is disappointed! If so, just wait until May and hopefully I'll redeem myself.