Rustic Rainforest

The Pacific Northwest is a magical place ... most of the year. January is not that time, for me, at least. To connect myself to memories of lush cedars, bold evergreens, and warm leafy woodlands, I started work on pendants, rings, and earrings that would bring green back into focus.

I collected up my stash of rough peridot and emerald, to be fused forever in copper along with my distinctive hand-sculpted leaves inspired by birch, elm, and ash trees.

Emerald Leaves Pendant

Peridot Leaves Pendant

Peridot Bright Pendant

Large Copper Leaf Pendant

Medium Copper Leaf Pendant

Peridot Hoops Earrings

Green Leaf Earrings

Peridot 5-stone Ring

Peridot 5-stone Ring