Fallen Angel, Catalopes & Bling Rings

As much as I love the scent of fireplaces in the air, I get a bit blue when the West Coast's warm summer weather fades for another year. September and October are busy, stressful months in my house, so when we get a bit of fun with Halloween costumes and decor, it's a welcome relief.

I wasn't surprised to find myself getting back into macabre designs over the last couple of weeks while the shops and windows around me filled with some of my favourite images; skulls, cats, and bats, alongside monsters big and small. When I finally got my new resin components, I couldn't wait to play around with a few new looks.

I fell in love with the fallen angel pendant below the moment she came out of my plating bath. The rainbows in this faceted aurora glass oval are stunning, while the labradorite point that makes up her body is subtle, yet full of detail. I went a bit darker with the patina on her head to complete the look.

The wolf and bird skulls were much more petite than I'd expected - but in a good way! They are just right for rings (if you like statement pieces as much as I do) so while I only did the wolf as a ring this go-round, I'll be making a bird ring in the near future too. The bird pendant in this batch has a dainty little 3mm pink opal accented with a bit of niobium wire.

Keep scrolling for a couple of bling-tastic statement rings; one a super sparkly crystal, and the other a bright metallic blue piece of titanium quartz. I also have a new, smaller human skull, so I mounted it on a simple clean shard of clear quartz. Finished with a rugged hammered hoop.

I couldn't resist trying my hand at the jackalope's lesser known cousin, the catalope. A couple of cute brass antlers set inside a pair of cat skulls worked nicely to let me experiment with mixed-metal electroformed pendants again.

I'm not sure what my next update after this will bring, but as always, fire off any requests here or on social media.