Planchettes, Electroformed Skulls, & Rough Stone Rings

Here I am, in the middle of summer, covered in kids and ready to go on vacation. Yet I somehow let my shop update size get out of control again. It's a problem, but fun at the same time.

It's also impractical to try outdoor product photography in the hard yellow light of August (forest fire season in BC), but I had so many funky new designs practically dance off my bench in the last couple of weeks, so I had to try. I couldn't wait to share this round of work including three new favorites.

The skull below on spirit quartz features a third eye made from a tiny ruby disc reclaimed from a wristwatch plate. I think the effect is downright awesome, although it was hard to capture with the camera. The patina came out extra dark, so I paired it with black chain.

And equally fantastic is my large planchette pendant featuring silver hands and a crystal ball. If statement jewelry and occult imagery are your thing, this necklace is pretty special.

The third of my 'showstopper' additions to the shop this week is an adorable ammonite and copper statement ring. I made it too big for my own hand for a very good reason. If I could wear it, I would not be able to part with it. I may have to track down another one like it just to make an ammonite for myself.

Rounding out the rest of this week's new pieces, I have more planchettes and more skull pendants. Keep scrolling for raw stone rings in garnet, peridot, sapphire, white quartz, and green tourmaline.

I also added a pair of synthetic opal stacking rings and cute polished moonstone rectangle ring. At the very bottom, you'll find a gloriously chunky statement pendant made with an  amethyst spirit quartz and shards of angel aura quartz points.

For those of you still reading ... and who might remember my expectation that I'd be shifting this domain into some new form of an Etsy-powered storefront with unique Sleepless branding ... well, it's not the first time I've misunderstood something.

What was really on offer was use of an Etsy Plus membership to get a discount on a domain. And a walkthrough of how to set up a redirect. Which I'm sure some sellers need in both cases.

If I can't skin my existing shop with a spiffy new custom look under this domain, I prefer to keep my website and shop separate. You never know when some independent web content might come in handy.

So to sum up, I'll keep posting update overviews here at for the foreseeable future.