Titanium and Tropical Vibes

Summer is here and so are my ocean-inspired pendants with a couple of earthy pieces on the side. I started with a fresh take on my landscape pendants - this time a balmy stretch of tropical ocean. Next I've got a little oval Tibetan turquoise that my daughter is convinced will hatch into a bird.

Keep scrolling for a bronzite coin, an ammonite, and a painstakingly plated hemlock cone. I have another triple moon pendant, this time with textured moons and a vintage aurora glass stone.I'm really falling in love with vintage ab glass, so you'll be seeing more sizes and colours in the months to come.

I've also been obsessing over colourful titanium and copper fusion pendants. I've been toying with the best way to work anodized metal into electroformed designs, so these first few pieces have been labours of love. Not all efforts made the cut, but the ones that are here feel like a good start.

If you've read this far (and you visit my site from time to time) it's probably worth mentioning that I expect to transfer www.sleeplessstoryteller.com into my Etsy Plus plan.

If you're not an Etsy seller, the quick and dirty outcome is this; my blog will become my shop. I think. At least that's what I understand from the changes coming to Etsy. I will - somehow - have the opportunity to merge a domain I own with the content of my shop. So I'll give it a whirl.

I will still post pics and thoughts about my work on Instagram and Facebook. Other than that, I don't think this will be a huge change. We'll just have to see ;)