Large Mixed Styles Shop Update

How many pieces is too many for a manageable shop update? Over the last few days, I've been chipping away at getting 20 new pieces into the shop; 23 listings total including three made-to-order options. After today, I think future updates will be more like 10 to 12 pieces, but nevertheless, it's fun to share such an eclectic selection as I have at the moment.

As this post title suggests, it's really a mixed bag this time, starting with a new experiment using a crazy lace agate teardrop with ruby and sapphire rough accents. Look for assorted semiprecious and copper stacking rings, mixed metal pendants, and solitaires including a labradorite and two cantera opals. I've got two huge flame aura statement quartz pendants and a cute little titanium quartz necklace and earring set.

Keep scrolling for some one-of-a-kind pieces like my first two cantera opals; a pendant and a ring. A new gleaming kyanite blade is paired with a very special striped amethyst cab. And you'll find an abstract angel made of pink titanium quartz, amethyst, and an array of aura rhinestones.

This update also has my first few star sign pieces; initial pieces use glass pebbles with an electroformed frame and multiple finishes. I will be adding more star sign pendant and ring styles in copper and brass, both soldered and electroformed, in the coming months. Naturally, I will be listing made-to-order options along with the finished pieces that come off my bench, making these little star signs perfect for small gifts or personal expression.