Made to Order with a Side of Quartz

Ever since I upgraded my shop equipment and maker techniques, each shop update has been more exciting for me than the last. I hope everyone following my work feels the same way!

So today is another milestone for Sleepless Storyteller in that I've finally established selection of made-to-order designs. After all, what's the point in offering properly soldered rings if you can't pick the size you need? You'll find 7 different listings that can be custom made, mixed and matched as desired. The first two rings below will be available with a choice of 6 different stones.

I'm also excited to share a new experiment in mixed metal electroforming. I hope to combine blue, purple, and green titanium and niobium with electroformed copper to create rings and pendants like the amethyst, steel, and copper combination below. We'll see the lovely texture of electroformed jewelry combined with vibrant anodized metal - soon, I hope!

As usual, I'm still playing with ways to fuse recycled gears and gear charms with soldered and electroformed designs. I love moon phase and moon goddess imagery, so the teeny-tiny itty-bitty pendant below will hopefully be the first of many. And don't be fooled by the close up; the green sapphire and small quartz point ring is super small as well - perfect for petite hands like mine. Even my daughter was able to try it on! (Visit me on Instagram for that pic, which is as adorable as it sounds.)

Keep scrolling for some epic glass and crystal statement pendants, a lovely bright copper labradorite face, quartz cluster, and smoky quartz point combo, a fun kyanite 2-tiered blade, and one of my new favourites, an aura fairy quartz with a cat skull crowned by a moonstone third eye. Some truly magical pieces came off my bench in the last week and I'm so pleased to finally share them!