Badass Skulls and Stunning Rough Stones

If you're familiar with Sleepless Storyteller designs, you won't be surprised to see the occasional walk on the macabre side. Today's shop update is one of those days and I'm super excited about it.

I have a human skull replica on a glorious smoky quartz point with a hammered band and rhinestone accents. Along with a cat skull featuring gear and star accents on a rough amethyst. I will be making more of both skull styles although accompanying crystals and stones will vary.

Today also marks my very first honest-to-goodness sapphire - which has been one of my favourite stones since I was a girl. The rough sapphire below features a simple soldered square wire band, using my thicker 12 gauge stock. I will soon be making a little sister for this ring with a smaller, lighter green sapphire and single smoky quartz point.

Keep scrolling for a priestess-level statement pendant made with a spirit quartz, three amethyst shards, and a smoky quartz cluster. Followed by a chunky amethyst cluster statement ring, a clear quartz heart, a new transit token piece, and a couple of stackable rings, perfect for minimalists or starters with industrial and alternative accessories.