Stackable and Electroformed Rings

I've been making my own jewellery for almost twenty years, but it took me quite a long time to start making rings. Probably because I really dislike the feel of an adjustable band and I wasn't equipped to make them differently. Now that I've been trained to make hammered stacking rings and electroformed rings, I've gone a bit copper crazy at my work bench.

However, when you freestyle on your bench, a ring ends up being whatever size you happen to make. (Unless you're taking a custom order, which is totally doable now that I know how to cut exact size bands.) With random sizes, there is always the chance they won't find homes, or not quickly.

So as soon as I have enough inventory in stones and wire, I will offer made-to-order sizing whenever possible. These new techniques and designs are works in progress and I hope you'll follow along on this blog as these pieces evolve.