First Round of Freestyle

Sometimes I stand in front of my workbench and carefully plot every tiny part of a new design. Other times, I let loose and make whatever pops into my head - like I did with my first few hand-fabricated pieces.

It's so lovely to have my firing station, pickle pot, and electroforming bath all set up in my shop. All that excitement took over last week and instead of following the design sketches I carefully drafted over the winter break, I grabbed my saw and hammer and just went to town.

The results were better than you'd think. I even managed a finished piece with my brand-spanking-new maker's mark. If you're familiar with my work, you've seen a tiny butterfly charm with a gear heart either added at the clasp or set somewhere in the design.

Fabricating and electroforming plans required a new approach and since I plan to incorporate stamping in upcoming work, it seemed like a natural choice to design a custom stamp as my maker's mark. Like my original signature charm, this mark won't appear on every piece, but look for it on the back of larger rings and most pendants.

So I still plan to follow my sketches in future, but for now, here are the first few new-and-improved heat-forged baubles.