Electroforming and Metalsmithing



Excited is not a strong enough word. I am elated to be sharing photos from new maker skills I picked up over the last few weeks; electroforming and metalsmithing. I have been coveting both processes for a long time. But life gets in the way, and it's taken me some time to find myself in the right position to attend a class, purchase equipment and supplies, and then get set up at home to continue learning.

I mentioned here and there that I was working my way towards electroforming. The silversmithing portion has been in my mental pipeline for even longer. I decided to finally think of it as professional development dive right in. I'm so glad I did, because now I have some lovely new pieces to share, and ideally, new processes to roll into the quirky designs I bring to Sleepless Storyteller.

I anticipate still working with recycled and salvaged material as often as possible. Electroforming, for example can use salvaged copper extensively. Many of my stacking rings will feature reclaimed bullet casings, screws, nuts, bolts, gears, and so on. Each of the electroformed pieces above will be listed in the shop, but the stacking rings shown here are a bit small (my pointer finger is Size 5) and not really Sleepless Storyteller's style.

Sterling silver should make an appearance again, but for now, mostly copper, brass, and a bit of nickel silver. (Not to worry, nickel silver is only harmful after prolonged contact with acidic foods and beverages, so unlikely to be a problem for rings and pendants.) It's strictly a budgetary decision, so if you see a design you'd like to have in sterling, let me know and I can notify you when I start bringing in the more expensive metal.

I will be finishing all appropriate pieces with Renaissance Wax, which adds lustre and prevents allergic reactions or skin discolouration. While I will still using wire-wrapping and some other cold connection techniques I've always relied on, I plan to focus more heavily on new processes going forward. I also hope to start incorporating sweat soldering and tiffany soldering into my designs, but likely later in the year.

If you've followed my style over the years, you will be seeing some big changes in 2018. I hope you'll be as excited as I am about this next stage in the evolution in my artistic career.