Propellor Pins, Crystal Amulets & My Hands

This week I'm sharing more than a couple new designs. I'm sharing my hands, and for me, this was a hard one. TMI? Well, keep reading and let's see.

My product photos have always been missing 2 things; a) adorable staging and b) a handheld product shot. I love both and while staging still eludes me (I have tried, I promise) I can pick up a piece while photographing and not fail too badly.

Why haven't I done this before? This might sound odd and silly, but I've always been told my hands look much older than the rest of me (I'm currently 38, if anyone wants to know). So while as a customer, I really like seeing an online product held in listing shots, I'd always been unwilling to try this myself. Until now.

So look for this extra dimension in my product photos going forward. I should also mention that my hands are quite petite. My ring finger is 3 1/2 and my thumb is a 6, both US sizes.