Bright Ideas and Bead Bars

Experimenting with new-to-me concepts and styles is a constant endeavour at Sleepless Storyteller. Rather than picking up a popular trend and stamping off a few copies that fall in line with an established look, I like to try my own twist.

When I designed bird's nest pendants and rings, I used recycled capacitors instead of pearls or gemstones. The gemstone bead bar pendant style that fans of modern jewelry have come to love couldn't find a home at Sleepless Storyteller unless I could do it 'my way' and make it a bit more edgy.

Also in the shop today, a few go-to favourites like recycled light bulb earrings and a Meccano pendant. I've upcycled many wristwatch cases, but this is the first time using a men's wristwatch. I've only done this style of bracelet with ladies watches here and here. I'll be sure to do another one the next time I come across a broken stretch strap watch.